Marcel Mueller is a professional travel photographer, experienced guide, speaker and world traveler.

After two decades of extensive travel to over 75 countries and counting, he has created a prolific collection of images dedicated to Asian philosophies, Middle Eastern civilizations and the hardship and beauty of the African soil.

Driven by an awe of all world cultures and the timeless beauty of natural landscapes, Marcel continues to explore the four corners of the Earth to preserve and share his experiences through photography. His visual catalog offers a glimpse of what our world has to offer and a peek at its people. His artistic approach is driven by curiosity, an awe towards the people who characterize it and the simple beauty of the lands we walk on. His work conveys his genuine interest in seeking out and capturing authentic connections with the people of the lands he visits.

'' A person captive in a landscape bigger than the human condition…''

'' Visually sharing the feeling of guiding people and himself out of normalcy into something from which we never return the same…''

'' TEMBA THE TIBETAN '' taken in the once tiny village of Nyalam Po, Tibet in 1995 became the inspiration to what has become today a serious collections of photographs worldwide. Marcel has always photographed with Fuji Velvia 50 asa slides and Kodak B&W negatives, and despite having transferred and digitalized his collection, he keeps certain imperfection for aesthetic reasons and as a simple reminder of the enjoyment of waiting for the images to be developed. Today despite the advances of digital photography and its' technological advantages, he always has his Nikon F3 or his old Rolleiflex only a click away.

Published in magazines and online, Marcel has exhibited in North America, Europe and Asia. He was honoured to be part of a group exhibition on HIV/AIDS, called Living Beyond Belief, featured alongside the talented Annie Leibovitz and other esteemed peers in NYC, where he lived and developed his artistic work in a series of exhibits for over 4 years.

The Swiss-born photographer is based in Montreal and teaches Photo-Reportage at the technical arts college InterDec. He co-founded Forum Photographic Adventure, a travel company which offers photographic workshops worldwide and unforgettable travel photography experiences. Marcel is also a contributing photographer at In Transit Images where the bulk of his work is available for commercial needs.

Marcel Mueller Photography has now become the web portal of his images, work and vision.

Travels and Photographs to be continued...